When a death occurs, it is essential that the Minister be contacted as soon as possible. This will help ensure that pastoral care and comfort are provided to the grieving family, as well as assist the family in making funeral arrangements.


The Minster will work with the family and funeral home to implement the necessary arrangements for a funeral service, cremation or burial of the deceased. These services are primarily intended to help the family and friends begin their grief process in a healthy way. The funeral services provide an opportunity for friends to offer mutual sharing of sorrow and support through the grief process.


  1. The family should schedule the funeral with the Minister and the office.
    – Funerals for members of Poulton Methodist Church and their families may take priority over previously scheduled events.
    – For funerals for those not connected to Poulton Methodist Church we will work to find a time that is convenient for both the church and the family.
  2. The family should contact the church immediately when there is a loss in the family.
  3. The Funeral Director, the Minister and the family may want to work together in planning the funeral service. Any music selections other than a hymn or worship song must be pre-approved by either the Minister or Music Director.