Sunday Workshop for Children

Sunday Workshop is for boys and girls under 11 years of age. We meet at 10.30am and share the first fifteen minutes of Morning Workshop. Then we divide into groups for our own worship, except when the special all-age services take place.

Sunday Workshop is divided into groups:

  • Pre-school   under 5 years
  • School years 1 and 2  5 – 7 years
  • School Years 3 and 4  7 – 9 years
  • School Years 5 and 6  9 – 11 years

We share the Christian message through drama, music, games, dance and quizzes. We sometimes meet during the week for swimming and picnics.  We have Holiday Club for every Tuesday throughout the summer holiday. You can be assured of a very warm welcome if you would like to join us.

Further information from Eileen Gee